Back in 1951 New Yorkers saw history in the making as the Kefauver Crime Commission grilled top mobsters and their croonies.

Kefauver Crime Commission: Are you refusing to testify?
Frank Costello: Absolutely. All due respect, I’m not going to answer another question because I’m not under arrest and I’m going to walk out.

For eight straight days normal life in New York came to a standstill as people found any excuse to stay in front of their TV. This exclusing coverage brought viewers a slice of life they’d never seen before.

Virginia Hill: Men I was around who gave me things were no gangsters or racketeers. The only time I got anything from them was going out and having fun and maybe a few presents.

And when crime boss Frank Costello did not want to be seen on camera, they simply focused on his nervous fingers and created one of the most memorable images in television history.